All “Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs” are distinguished by close links to industry. As an independent higher education institution, this is still more so the case for the ESTP:


  • 35 companies and professional organisations are members of the non profit making «Association ESTP» that runs the institution.


  • The main professional organisations and companies are represented on the different Boards of the ESTP: of Administrators, of Pedagogical Supervisors, of Examiners, … and participate actively in the constant up-dating of the contents of the programmes.


  • The same organisations and firms grant scholarships to the students and sponsor the various activities of the students’ union.


  • 75% of the teaching staff hold professional positions in private or public sector companies.


  • Most training programmes involve a combination of academic study and on-the-job training. At the end of each academic year, a compulsory internship, arranged with approved companies, brings the students into contact with the realities of the professional experience, in France or abroad.


  • Studies concerning the running of a firm (law, management, quality control, communication, English language…) form a complement to the technical training of the engineering degree course.


  • 70% of ESTP graduate engineers are employed in the civil and building engineering industries. 600 chartered engineers graduate each year from the ESTP, representing thus in France the biggest flow for the construction industry (20.000 professionally active alumni).


  • The alumni association of the graduate engineers, SID-ETP, maintains strong links with the ESTP.


  • The ESTP develops innovation & research projects in cooperation with companies. A certain number of doctoral students may be financed via a work contract (CIFRE) with a firm while carrying out their research activities.


  • About 1.000 adult professionals participate each year in Continuing Education programmes of the ESTP.

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