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Intensive Summer Programme of "French Language for Engineers"


ESTP Paris and EPF are two Engineering Schools with a very high reputation for their degree programmes. In 1998 they linked up to provide their exchange students with a high quality linguistic and cultural preparation in French.

The French Summer Programme for engineers takes place every year from July to mid-September and is recommended for computer and engineering students, but is also open to other students, administrators and teaching staff who are interested in learning or improving their French.

Our team of instructors include specialists of the French language and teachers qualified in scientific disciplines, who have a solid experience with students with an engineering background.

The courses cover various aspects:

  • General French Language (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, written and spoken language, etc.),
  • Introduction to French Culture (seminars may include history, literature, wine tasting courses as well as various cultural visits to museums and Parisian neighborhoods) 
  • Technical and specialized vocabulary for engineers (mathematics, physical sciences, mechanics, optic, acoustics, electricity, architecture, etc.)
  • Introduction to different methodological approaches used in France, to meet science teachers' expectations
  • French higher education; explaining different types of exercises and exams specific to the French education system of a « Grande École »

E-learning – PADEN

To facilitate integration of international students in Engineering French schools, we provide them with an E-learning tutorial course called PADEN. PADEN is a complement of our French for engineers programmes.

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French for engineers 2018:

July 2nd to September 7th 

From July 2nd to July 13th, courses will take place at EPF - 46/60, rue du Lycée, 92 330 Sceaux.

From July 16th to September 7th 2018, courses will take place at ESTP Paris - 28 avenue du Président Wilson, 94 230 Cachan.

For any further information please contact Monica MOCANU –

Online application - click here

The EPF-ESTP Summer Language Programme is certified by the European Commission since 2006 and by the French Government since 2009 (Ministries of Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs), a quality label that was renewed in 2013 and 2017.


French for engineers - Contacts

tél : +33 (0)1 55 52 11 00


Monica Mocanu
International Relations Officer at ESTP
             Phone : +33  1 49 08 24 44
             Fax : +33  1 49 08 59 40