Diplôme d’Ingénieur – Master’s degree

Normal admission procedure

The student engineers of the ESTP are admitted after a highly selective entrance examination “concours” that is held nationwide. This competitive examination is open to candidates who have studied further science in the “classes préparatoires aux Grandes écoles” for at least two years after the secondary education final exam “baccalauréat”. The examination is common to all fields of study, the successful candidates choosing their specialisation according to their ranking in the results.


 Parallel admission for students with prior qualifications

French and foreign candidates may be admitted to the first or second year on the basis of their having a first degree.

The admission of a candidate is decided after the study of his transcripts and a personal interview. According to their scientific background and knowledge of the French language and culture, foreign students may apply either directly or through the “n+i network”:


The ESTP is part of the French network of institutions specialised in Engineering education “Réseau n+i”. Members of this network cooperate to promote their programmes abroad, to recruit foreign students via a common admission procedure, to offer a joint first semester in the different areas of engineering. Foreign students with a bachelor or a master’s degree may be admitted to French engineering degree programmes and obtain the French 5 year degree “diplôme d’ingénieur-master’s degree” after 2 years of study. The foreign students may gradually adapt to the French system thanks to a semester of transition including an introduction to French methodology, a preparation in scientific and technological subjects, French language and culture. The ESTP organizes this period of adaptation in the field of civil engineering for students of all member institutions.

After this common integration period, students join their institution and French fellow students for the normal course-work programme. More information on web-site : www.nplusi.com


Master’s degree

Admission for holders of a bachelor degree in engineering. Possible direct admission to the last year of the two year programmes (M2) for students having successfully achieved 4 years in higher education, in a related subject.


PhD degree

Admission for holders of a master’s degree. According to academic background and records, supplementary coursework is to be carried out prior to admission or during the first year of the doctoral studies.

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