The academic calendar may vary according to the specific programmes. But generally, the scheme is:


First semester : Mid-September – end of January

Second semester : beginning of February – beginning of June



  • a few days around November 1st
  • 2 weeks at Christmas
  • 1 week in February
  • 1 week at Easter



  • At the ESTP, there are no specific exam periods, tests take place during the semester as soon as all lectures in a specific subject have been held. Students who have failed in a subject during the academic year may resit examinations in June (subjects of 1st semester) or September (subjects of 2nd semester).
  • During summer, students enrolled for a technician’s diploma or “diplôme d’ingénieur” degree course have to do compulsory practical training periods in a firm.
  • Most of the “mastère spécialisé" programmes have a duration of full 12 months, from October to October, with one coursework semester and one thesis semester in a company. Some offer a second semester entry.

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