Continuous assessment

Evaluations occur throughout the year by continuous assessment in the form of tests which can vary according to the subjects:

  • orals (called "colles")
  • homework
  • reports
  • projects (generally in groups of two to three people)
  • defence : oral test concerning a report of construction site visit, an internship, a project
  • "travaux dirigés" : classwork completed during "applications" or "travaux pratiques" sessions. In the case of an absence the student is given a zero without the possibility of making it up.
  • "compositions" : final written exam, in general lasting two and a half hours.


Resit exams

Students whose grades do not fulfil the conditions can ask for at the most 3 resit exams per semester. The new grade is taken into account in the calculation of the general average grade of the course unit if it is higher than the previous grade.




Each test is graded in the French system from 0 to 20 (0 being the lowest and 20 the highest mark).

Most of the subjects have several kinds of tests during the semester or the year. When all tests have taken place, an average mark of the subject (between 0 and 20) will constitute the score for the subject.

Subjects are grouped in course units and an average mark of each course unit calculated according to the coefficient of the individual subjects.

An ECTS grade is calculated automatically for each course unit and appears on the transcripts of results:

A : first 10% of the students credited in the course unit (excellent)

B : 25% following (very good)

C : 30% following (good)

D : 25% following (satisfactory)

E : 10% following (pass)

F : insufficient, grade below 12/20; an extra work is needed to get the credits.


ECTS credits are assigned to each course unit according to the work load it represents. To get the ECTS credits of a course unit, the student must get an average score of at least 12/20. 1 semester totalizes 30 ECTS credits.

Conditions to pass

To pass, a student must :

  • in the first and second years :

- achieve 30 ECTS credits per semester.

  • in the third year :

-  validate 30 ECTS credits during the first course-work semester,

- validate the 30 ECTS credits for the final overall project (TFE).

- achieve for the second year internship report a mark of at least 12/20

To get their engineering degree, students have furthermore to achieve a certification in English as a foreign language (upper B2 level in the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages) and to have spent a period of at least 3 months studying or working abroad. Foreign, non francophone students have to pass a certified test in French as a Foreign Language.

Special case of foreign students attending as part of an international programme:

Before their arrival in France, the international students have to complete an application form, including a study contract signed by their pedagogical supervisor at their home university and by themselves, listing the courses the students will take at ESTP.

Particular conditions can be decided bilaterally between both institutions and the students. An international student who prepares the ESTP degree has to follow the conditions previously described, like his French classmates.

International relations contact

For general inquiries :
Phone : +33 1 49 08 24 44
Fax : +33 1 49 08 59 40