Health insurance

Students from the European Economic Area (EEA)

Before leaving, they must request at their home center a European health insurance card which will give them the right to be insured in France.

Students outside of the EEA

Students from a country outside of the EEA who will stay for 3 months and more in France have to get the French Student Health Insurance. Rate in 2015-2016 = 215 €. For shorter period, health insurance from their home-country will be sufficient.

Exchange students from Québec

Exchange students from Québec must get health insurance form SE 401 Q 102 bis or SE 401 Q 106 before leaving for France.

Work accidents

Foreign students who enrol for a degree awarding programme will benefit from the work accidents insurance as their French peers as soon as they will be regularly enrolled. International exchange students however are not covered by ESTP against work accidents that may occur on the ESTP premises or during practical training periods in a compagny. Exchange students must make sure that they are insured by their home institution during their study abroad period.

International relations contact

For general inquiries :
Phone : +33 1 49 08 24 44
Fax : +33 1 49 08 59 40