In France and at ESTP Paris, internships make up part of the degree programme.

It allows students to apply in a company the theories they learnt in the classroom and at the same time to familiarise themselves with the working world. This form of education is common in French companies who entrust the trainees with real professional tasks and responsibilities. To obtain an engineering degree from the ESTP Paris, the following internships are compulsory during summer holidays:

First year: initiation into the working world internship - 5 weeks
Second year : professional internship - 3 months
Third year : final overall project "travail de fin d'études (TFE)" - 5 months

French students have to do one of these practical training periods abroad or to complete them with a fourth work or study period of at least 3 months abroad.

Foreign students taking part in an international exchange programme may choose to do one of these internships as part of their studies at ESTP.

In that case, it is recommended to start an internship only after having spent some time in France and having become familiar with the French language and techniques.

Finding an internship

ESTP students are held responsible for finding a company which will allow them to do an internship. This is viewed as part of the formal training.

There is an internship service at ESTP which will at all times procure addresses of French companies, internship offers and advise students on how to present themselves. The manner in which a foreign student presents himself is in fact essential, because companies often engage interns whom they would want to recruit later. The problem lies in the fact that foreign students are not expected to stay in France. Therefore, they will have to be able to convince the company that even though they will be returning to their country after the internship, it is still beneficial for the company to engage them as an intern.

Prepare your arguments, the task is not easy!

Final project "travail de fin d'études" (TFE)

At the ESTP Paris most final projects take place in a company; some in a research center who propose the theme of the study.

To find a company, the procedures are the same as those of a professional internship, with the added difficulty for a foreign exchange student of writing a report (mémoire) at least partly in French.

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