Teaching staff

A large part of the faculty at ESTP are engineers who exercise a professional practice outside the institution.  The director of studies determines the programmes and validates your prior qualifications.

He is assisted by an associate director of studies, who is the pedagogical supervisor of all the student engineers, including the international students. He is the principal correspondent with the professors at your university to define your studies at ESTP and he will be your advisor throughout the year.


Academic calendar

First semester

from the end of September to the end of January.

Second semester

from the beginning of February to mid-June.

There are no specific exam periods, tests take place during the semester as soon as all lectures in a specific subject have been held. Students who have failed in a subject during the academic year may resit examinations in June for subjects of the first semester or in September for subjects of the second semester).


  • a few days around All Saint's day (November 1st)
  • two weeks at Christmas (December 25th)
  • one week: end of January - beginning of February
  • one week for Easter (March or April)

N.B. : During the summer, students have to do a compulsory practical training period in a company.

End of academic year

first year at ESTP ( or third year in higher education) courses end around June 20th
internship : five compulsory weeks during summer vacation.

Second year at ESTP (fourth year in higher education) courses end : end of May
internship : thirteen compulsory weeks (during summer vacation)

Third year at ESTP (fifth year in higher education)

end of theoretical studies at ESTP : end of February

Internship for final overall project (TFE) : 5 months from March.

Defending Final overall project (TFE) : end of August or September.



Generally classes go from Monday to Saturday, within the following time slots:

morning : 8:00 - 12:00

afternoon : 13:30 - 18:30 (except Thursday and Saturday)

Thursday afternoons are reserved for extra-curricular activities, sport and cultural events, Saturday afternoons are open.

N.B.: Most of the teachers hold positions in companies, therefore their availability is limited and can vary from week to week. Schedules are not known for the whole academic year and can only be diffused four weeks in advance and are susceptible to day to day changes. Students must keep informed of daily modifications. That is why it is difficult and not advised to follow courses in different classes.


Types of sessions

The educational meetings between the professors and the students occur in different ways:

courses: theoretical courses last for one and a half hour and are held in the amphitheatres,

applications: sessions of variable duration, generally two and a half hours, where the students are divided into small groups and do classwork "travaux dirigés" directed by assistant-professors,

travaux pratiques: sessions of variable duration, where the students work in small groups in the laboratories, workshops or on a site,

visits: visits accompanied by a professor of a site, of a company. Average duration : half a day.

International relations contact

For general inquiries :

Phone : +33 1 49 08 24 44
Fax : +33 1 49 08 59 40