PhD students are supervised at the ESTP Paris Constructibility Research Institute and enrolled at its partner doctoral school which confer the degree:  "Sciences, Ingénierie et Environnement" of Université Paris Est.

PhD studies may also be carried out within the framework of an international cooperation agreement and supervised by the two institutions.

In France, companies may sponsor applied research PhD studies by offering a work contract (“CIFRE”) to the students who may benefit from all social advantages (health insurance, social rights, …) of a regular employee.

The ESTP offers doctoral programmes in following areas:

  • Road & Concrete Materials
  • Geotechnics, Soil Mechanics
  • Topography-Geomatics
  • Nuclear Civil Engineering (structural mechanics & materials)
  •  Building Information Modelling
  •  Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Decision Making & Risk Management

Some examples of thesis:

Materials & Geomaterials

  • Effect of the variability of reclaimed asphalt pavement aggregate properties on the recycled bitumens 

  • Water management in spatial planning operations, on an inter-commune scale

  • Energy and Environmental Analysis of the production of asphalt for adaptation to high rates of recycling

  • Application of stabilization / solidification technology in the management, use and conversion of sludge into construction materials

  • Study of internal erosion in homogeneous and heterogeneous soils.


Geomatics & Logistic Supports

  • Modeling and optimization of an urban flow network with a multicriteria approach 

  • 3D scanning technique with localization

  • Logistic management

  • Geomatics applied to goetechnics


Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  • Design, calibration and use of a test cell to perform experimental characterisation of building envelope elements/components and systems

Lean Modeling

  • Analytical and numerical multi-scale modeling of heterogeneous material : development of micro-mechanics based on molecular simulation

  • Multicriteria optimization and decision theory


Architecture and Prototyping

  • 3D Modeling and simulation of thermal and energetic dissipation in buildings

  • Flow techniques (simulation and experimental parts) : application to architecture and building

  • Virtual building

  • Building information modeling (BIM)


Decision Making and Risk Management

  • Water management in spatial planningoperations, on an inter-commune scale.

  • From the emergence of risks to their integration in an organization: case of the construction industry.

  • Reverse logistics, risk management, manufacturing strategy.

  • Risk management associated with an inovative project - a case of mechanical engineering.

  • International comparison of country risk management by banks.

  • Application of Decision Analysis in Weather Risk Management Business.

  • Choice of buildings to be improved in case of seismic risk.

  • Updating in risk management  for  banks and financial trading

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