ESTP, School of reference in Civil Engineering and Built Environment


ESTP offers academic programmes in a field of French expertise: the French construction industry is particularly active and well represented on a worldwide scale (many amongst the top 20 building firms around the world are French) and offers very good job opportunities for French and foreign students, in France and abroad.


Also, with the globalized market and the growing internationalization of higher education all institutions need to have an international opening in order to train innovative, open-minded and adaptable professionals and researchers, capable of working in an international context and in international teams.


ESTP fulfilled this purpose right from the beginning: its first foreign student graduated in 1906, fifteen years after the founding of the institution. Ever since then, many foreign students have graduated from ESTP and belong to the strong alumni network in activity all around the world. In the 50s and the 60s, ESTP participated in the setting up of many institutions and programmes in developing countries. In 1980, ESTP signed its first bilateral co-operation agreement with a foreign university and started an active international exchange policy that led to today’s network of 85 partner universities in 37 countries.


At present, a strong emphasis is put on international mobility (of students, researchers, teaching and administrative staff); joint training and research projects with foreign partners; cross-cultural communication; all activities that further internazionalisation at home such as semesters of technical courses taught in English.


In the coming years the aim is to strengthen the existing international partnerships and to develop new ones in order to develop further common training programmes, joint research projects and strong links with foreign companies.


Sophie-Caroline HUISMAN, ESTP Director of International Relations

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