Today, ESTP offers a large variety of programmes at different levels. The language of instruction is French, except for the “International programmes taught in English” listed below.


Undergraduate programmes

  •  a two year construction site manager course after the « baccalauréat » (A levels), awarding a specialised technician’s diploma in two fields:

o    Building Engineering

o    Public Works

  •  a 1 year programme for holders of a two year diploma leading to a bachelor degree in construction site management 1

Graduate programmes


Taught degrees

  •  a three year engineering degree course after 2 years of « classes préparatoires », leading to the “diplôme d’ingénieur - master’s degree”, with four possible specializations:

o   Building Engineering (including a double degree engineer-architect ²)

o   Public Works

o   Topography-Geomatics

o   Mechanical-Electrical Engineering

  •  a three year coop engineering degree course after a two year university degree in applied engineering leading to the "diplôme d'ingénieur-master's degree" in:
  •    o   Energy engineering for sustainable construction 


  •  two year course for holders of a bachelor degree, leading to a master’s degree:

o   Nuclear  Civil Engineering (structural mechanics, materials, safety)

Graduate programmes


Research degrees

  •  PhD degrees 3 in following areas:

o   materials (construction, roads, geomaterials)

o   geotechnics

o   geomatics

o   lean modelling

o   building information modeling

o   risk management

Professional Programmes


Institutional diploma

  •  one year professional specialization after a master’s degree leading to an institutional diploma “mastère spécialisé”:

o   Management of Construction Firms

Construction Commissioning & Contracting and Real Estate Management

o   Real Estate Property & Facilities Management

o   Real Estate Management of Office Buildings

o   Running & Techniques of a Contracting Company

o   Emergencies in Buildings & Infrastructures

o   Sustainable Housing & Construction 4

o   Global Risk Management 4

o   Building Information Modeling 5

International programmes


Institutional certificates

  •  1 semester coursework programmes, taught in English:

o   Nuclear Civil Engineering

o   Sustainable planning & development and construction

  •  Individual learning agreements with lectures of the engineering degree course taught in English.
  •  Bachelor & master thesis, research work supervised in French or English.
  •  Intensive courses in French language for Engineers 6 including:

o   general language proficiency

o   scientific & technical vocabulary

o   methodology of French engineering education

o   French culture and civilisation

Adult education

  •  Various Continuing Education programmes for adult professionals in all areas of the construction field:

o   short sessions for a specialization/updating in a particular field

o   long term training programmes for new professional qualifications


Programmes organized with partner institutions:
(1)     Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)
(2)     Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-la-Villette & Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture
(3)     doctoral schools of Université Paris Est & Arts et Métiers ParisTech
(4)     Arts et Métiers ParisTech
(5)     Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
(6)     EPF, Ecole d’Ingénieurs


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