This programme was created in 1904 and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in 1933 and responds to a strong demand from the construction industry to train specialized technicians for the intermediate management of construction sites. Today this professional objective is still valid even if about 60% of the students chose to continue their studies in higher education at the ESTP, at other French Grandes Ecoles and universities or abroad.

The objective of this course is to give its holders the theoretical background and technical skills to facilitate their professional integration. The course is offered both as a full time programme and as a sandwich course where the students work part-time in a company.

Successful students are awarded a national 2 year specialised technician’s diploma that is recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research at level III.

Students may specialize in two fields:

  • construction site management in building engineering
  • construction site management in public works


The Syllabus

The first year syllabus (60 ECTS credits) is common to all students and aims to deepen their scientific knowledge as applied to construction engineering (maths, physics, computer science, strength of materials, general hydraulics, …) and to initiate them to the technological subjects (such as concrete and steel construction, electricity, …).

During the second year (60 ECTS credits), students have to choose a specialisation, either in building engineering “ bâtiment ” or in public works “ travaux publics ”. The syllabus becomes more technologically orientated (construction materials, structural mechanics, prestressed and reinforced concrete, sanitary installations, construction site machinery, topography, etc.).

During the whole 2 year curriculum, general subjects such as oral communication and writing skills, English language, law relating to construction, health and safety at work, management of firms and construction sites are compulsory.

At the end of each academic year, during summer, students have to accomplish a professional training period in a company.


Prospects after ESTP

Companies appreciate the professional skills of the ESTP construction site managers and 90% of the students find their first job in France or abroad in less than 2 months.


Each year, some students enroll for the bachelor degree course at the ESTP and a few top level students with excellent academic records and professional motivation are admitted to the engineering degree course of the ESTP.

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