ESTP offers engineering degree programmes in following fields:

  • B:     Building Engineering (Bâtiment)

  • TP:   Public Works (Travaux Publics)

  • ME:  Mechanical-Electrical Engineering 
             (Génie Mécanique et Electrique)

  • T:      Topography (Topographie) - Surveying Engineering - Geomatics


During their last year of studies, students choose one amongst following specialisations. According to their major, they have priority rights for enrolment (indicated below with bold letters): 

  • Project and International Management (II): B, TP, ME, T

  • Sustainable buildings & cities (BVD): B, TP, ME, T

  • Structures (S): B, TP, ME, T

  • Sustainable urban & regional planning (ATUD): B, TP, ME, T

  • Roads, Bridges and Tunnels (RO): B, TP, ME, T

  • Real estate development (DI): B, TP, ME, T

  • Nuclear Civil Engineering (GCN): B, TP, ME, T
  • Constructibility & project approach (C2P): B, TP, ME, T  
  • Energy Efficiency Engineering (I2E): GME, B, T, TP

  • Property Surveying, Planning & Development (AP): T


Apart from this full-time engineering degree course, the ESTP offers also a coop course in Energy Engineering for Sustainable Construction where students work half-time in a company. This programme is also accredited by French relevant authority CTI and lasts 3 years after a two year technician course. The programme is organized in partnership with apprenticeship centre INGENIEURS 2000.


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