The entrepreneurship programme

Follow the programme over the three years of your course and pave the way to tap into the creative startup dynamic: a “Bright Sparks” party in First Year, a Hackathon in Second Year, and the Final Year “Entrepreneurship” option mentored by a dozen partner companies (including individual coaching, project-based learning and hands-on workshops).

The entrepreneurship option

The entrepreneurship option is offered to students in the Third Year of the ESTP Engineering programme.



  • To offer the tools required to get a startup off the ground
  • To teach students how to foster an intrepreneurial dynamic within a group
  • To train students to take over a business and accelerate growth

If you are a company

In order to grow, companies are constantly being challenged to conquer new markets and invent products and services. Innovation is the key to being competitive. We would like to invite companies to support this project. 


This support can take several forms: 

  • Involvement in content development for the programme
  • Involvement in student selection for this option
  • Acting as a mentor/coach for one or more students / one or more projects

Your market expertise will be highly valued by students during the various phases of their projects.