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International openness

Internationalisation: a major strategic theme 

Ever since its creation, ESTP has always set great store by international openness. In 1980, the school began to sign cooperation agreements with universities abroad and to develop its students’ international mobility. It boasts the ERAMUS+ Charter, EUR-ACE accreditation and the Qualité FLE label. The school is also active in a number of international working parties, programmes and networks.



The ESTP international strategy involves consolidating the school’s reach via:

  • a network of 87 partner universities worldwide with whom ESTP is working to develop outgoing academic mobility
  • English language proficiency and the acquisition of a second modern language to foster intercultural awareness
  • a mandatory period of study abroad of one-semester for all engineering students and 8 weeks for engineering apprentices (internships, academic exchanges, and research projects in international partner laboratories).

All partners are selected for their academic excellence and recognised research profile, including MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Imperial College, Politecnico di Milano, Technische Universität Dresden, Tongji University, etc. 

ESTP is also keen to promote incoming international mobility by developing courses delivered in English and via an international pathway through short programmes (e.g. Summer Schools) designed to attract students from different countries (in addition to programmes organised via university partnerships). The development of Third Year options delivered in English also equips our prospective graduate engineers to operate in the world of work across different cultures.

A variety of international networks (EUR-ACE, ERASMUS+, RICS, UFA, AUF, etc.), French and international companies, embassies, and research institutes also offer ESTP an invaluable source of: 

  • funding to expand the number of international study scholarships available both internally and abroad 
  • assistance with organising internships in overseas businesses 

ESTP Continuing Education also offers courses and adapts its specialised Master’s programmes for international students both on its Paris campus and in situ in countries where ESTP already has university and French corporate partners. 

In the long term, the strategy is for ESTP to establish sites on overseas campuses, to develop local training initiatives at every level (degree courses, Bac+2 / Bac +3 / Bac+5, MS®, Continuing Education), and to host its own French students. This will foster intercultural awareness and also benefit local students.

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