Sustainable development

Since 2015, ESTP has been a member of the CIRSES collective for the integration of social responsibility and sustainable development into higher education, and complies with the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FRAMEWORK OF THE FRENCH NATIONAL GREEN PLAN.

The school has introduced environmentally friendly campus management: energy performance assessment of buildings, improved waste management, a paper management policy, differentiated green space management and biodiversity monitoring, internal and external LED lighting, reduced water consumption, and geothermic heating on the Cachan campus.

Renovation work undertaken (electricity, geotechnics and hydraulics laboratories) has employed eco-construction measures (integration into the immediate environment, low-disturbance building sites, etc.) and eco-management technology (a ground-coupled heat exchanger and a geothermal power plant).

Our latest building was designed to meet the French THPE criteria for Very High Energy Performance.