Preventing sexist and sexual discrimination and violence (VSS)

Preventing sexist and sexual discrimination and violence (VSS)

Annoying remarks, whistling, insults, etc. Behaviour with sexual or sexist connotations that undermines a person's dignity and creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation is prohibited by law.

As part of its policy to combat discrimination and SGB within its various establishments, the school has drawn up a charter and appointed one SGB referent per campus. These advisers are trained to support students who are victims or witnesses of sexist and/or sexual violence and are available to listen to your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact them :

Cachan campus:

  • Sandrine MATHIEU ( - Creative Center)
  • Béatrice BORTOLUSSI ( - 1st floor, Joliot Curie building)
  • Claire-Marie CHAFFIN ( - Creative Center)

​​​Dijon campus: Sarah CHEFIRAT (

Orléans campus: Nathalie FALP (

Troyes campus: Laetitia PROST (

Paris campus: Catherine Maillet (


📢 A dedicated e-mail address is also available to students and employees who are victims or witnesses of a complaint:


To receive, in a confidential, sympathetic and impartial interview, the initial testimonies of victims or witnesses of discrimination or VSS;
Inform them of (or remind them of) the procedure to be followed in response to this report;
Advise and refer learners to psychological or even legal support units;
Communicate all useful information to the people in charge of the internal investigation;
Follow up, with the various parties involved, the education of learners who have reported the incident.

ESTP is committed to combating sexual and gender based violence