Supervise an Industrial Entrepreneurship and Research Project

The ESTP innovation dynamic

The ESTP innovation dynamic brings the school’s partners, teachers and students together within the framework of the engineering curriculum. The Industrial Entrepreneurship and Research Project (PIER), introduced and coordinated by the ESTP Research Director, offers student engineers a practical introduction to innovation through study, tests, experiments and state-of-the-art reviews relating to ESTP specialisms and also provides support with their business startup projects.

PIER projects also offer students an introduction to a research and development role and project methodology skills alongside professionals in a professional environment, or by working on their entrepreneurial project with guidance and advice from an industry expert.

Partner companies involved in collaborative projects can delegate work to ESTP teams and laboratories, and meet our students in situ. Companies interested in participating must submit a project plan form before September 15th. PIER projects with industry partners are governed by an agreement signed by the company, ESTP and the engineering student, which include funding by the signatory company. The partner company can obtain a tax credit if the project falls within the scope of their research and development policy.

Innovation Day is an annual event for ESTP partners, teachers, and students. This year, this day dedicated to celebrating the school’s innovative research projects will be a scientific symposium at which the best PIER projects will be presented and supplemented with topics presented by renowned experts.

Upcoming Innovation Day: 16 May 2019.

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For more information, please contact:

Carinne Brault | Innovation Assistant
Geoffroy Mesnier | PIER Teaching Coordinator