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ESTP Foundation honors international mobility grants

ESTP Foundation international mobility grant award ceremony on Monday, October 16 at the Cachan library 🎓

16 Oct.


To reinforce our commitment to the internationalization of the school, and as part of our annual sponsorship campaign, the ESTP Foundation is continually increasing its support for mobile students.

This was the case at the scholarship award ceremony held on Monday October 16 at the Cachan library, attended by Jacques Huillard, Chairman of the ESTP Foundation, Joël Cuny, Managing Director, Anne-Valérie Ruinet, General Delegate of the ESTP Foundation, and Sophie-Caroline Huisman, Director of International Relations.

During the event, a total of 52 international mobility scholarships, 8 international excellence scholarships and 27 incoming mobility scholarships were awarded to our first-year international students.

The destinations to which our students head are as diverse as they are fascinating. From Argentina to Australia, Canada to South Korea, our winners will have the opportunity to discover new cultures, deepen their academic skills and forge international ties that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations and many thanks to the ESTP Foundation for its ongoing support of international mobility. These scholarships open the door to new opportunities and unforgettable experiences for our students, reinforcing our commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity within our school.