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FLE (French as a second language)

During the summer, ESTP Paris offers an intensive language programme for international students from other schools and universities (or in the process of applying), as well as for professionals keen to enhance their French language skills.

During the academic year, ESTP Paris students continue to take French as a second language classes.

Our French as a second language classes were awarded the European Language Label in 2006 by the European Commission, and the French as a second language quality label in 2009 by the French government (Ministries of Culture, Higher Education, and Foreign Affairs)

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● The Programme

Classes cover the following areas of study:

  • General French
  • French with University Objectives (Methodology)
  • French with Specific Objectives (Scientific Language, Mathematicss, Mechanics, Sustainable Development, Economics)
  • Phonetics, role-play and debates
  • Individual support (Tutoring) and self-directed study (Multimedia-CIT learning)

Our teaching team includes French as a second language specialists (university degree holders) and qualified teachers in scientific disciplines who are all experienced in working with engineering students.

Course objectives:

  • General French language learning (grammar, everyday vocabulary, syntax, spoken and written French, phonetics).
  • Introduction to French culture (supplemented by classes in history, literature, geography, oenology, and cultural trips to museums and districts of Paris)
  • Acquisition of scientific and technical engineering vocabulary(notably in mathematics and physical sciences, mechanics, optics, acoustics, electricity, architecture, etc.)
  • Introduction to Frenchmethodology(the scientific approach, types and formats of exercises and tests, and the model of work in French higher education institutions).

Students can access online tools tailored to their requirements. 
In order to evaluate students’ progress, French proficiency examinations (TCF) are used throughout the programme. 

ECTS CREDITS: 1 per week
All activities are mandatory in order to obtain all the ECTS credits

● Practical information


  • Accommodation is available in student dormitories or with a host family.


  • Students must make their own meal arrangements.
  • Options include: student canteens, shops, and restaurants in Paris and Cachan.

● Cultural activities

A variety of cultural activities: trips (culture, history, heritage, science, etc.), films, wine tasting, etc.

● Fees

For more information, please contact: Magali Boutiot, Naoil Brendrimia