Technical real-estate asset manager

Technical real-estate asset manager


Technical real-estate asset managers are responsible for preserving their portfolio. They are notably in charge of scheduling building improvement works and organising maintenance across their entire portfolio, whether comprised of housing, tertiary, commercial, private or public properties.

To perform these duties, it is important that they are able to conduct or order the conducting of diagnostics on the structures in order to resolve the building’s main pathologies as well as to understand the maintenance specificities of heating and cooling systems.

To help to develop skills in all aspects of this trade, ESTP offers a certifying course comprised of 4 modules which will enable participants to rapidly become operational, over a short period of time, with the help of our expert lecturers, concrete examples and participant interaction.



Implement a strategy suited to needs and means to manage real-estate assets.



- Head of maintenance and investment work: technical manager, junior facility manager (M1)
- Works, methods, research engineer
- Architect



BIM expert, Energy and Climate engineer, rehabilitation expert, real-estate strategy consultant, property director.



Experience in the supervision of real-estate projects.



- Conduct diagnostics on structures
- Propose corrective measures matching observed pathologies
- Use technical management tools and methods
- Implement an asset management policy
- Integrate BIM in real-estate asset management
- Understand the principles of how heating systems, cooling systems and ECS work
  and associated regulation techniques





Module 1
Diagnose and resolve main building pathologies - 4 days
- Approach and technical regulations
- Construction material pathologies
- Water-related issues
- Study of structures comprising the building
- Infrastructure and superstructure pathologies
- Structure repairs and reinforcements
- Infrastructure operations


Module 2
Steer the technical management of a real-estate asset - 3 days
- Asset management: stakes, asset strategy, etc.
- Technical management: method and organisation, implementation phases
- Indicators
- Conducting general diagnostics
- Computer technology for asset management and available tools


Module 3
Develop BIM in asset management – 2 days
- Contributions of BIM in real-estate asset management professions
- Developments in asset management professions to integrate BIM
- Implementation of BIM in asset management professions: geolocation,
  space management, forecast plan and emergency plan, responsibilities, etc.


Module 4
Introduction to heating system, air-conditioning system and ECS maintenance - 2 days
- Key notions: natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, regulatory aspects, etc.
- Operation and main principles of boiler maintenance
- Operation and main principles of air-conditioning system maintenance
- Regulation of air-conditioning system equipment

* we recommend taking the modules in the specified order


- Theoretical and methodological contributions, virtual classes on specific subjects, case studies, exercises, etc.
- In addition to modules, a site visit will be organised


The applicant must provide us with the following:
- CV
- Cover letter specifying the applicant’s career plan
- Completed application form
On receipt of these documents, a motivation interview may be requested



- Knowledge assessment questionnaire at the end of each module
- Defence before a jury on a randomly-selected issue relating to the topics addressed during the course: 1 hour preparation time + 30 minutes speaking time (15 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A)

Learn more about our disability policy: here


- Paris: April to September 2024



- €7,500 exempt of VAT


Terms of access to the course: two sessions are scheduled per year. The timeframe for access is at least 1 month prior to the start of each session, but a 3-week procedure may be actioned based on available spaces.


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