VAE Engineer

VAE Engineer

Are you interested in carrying out the process of Validating your Prior Experience (VAE) in order to obtain the level I Engineering diploma issued by ESTP Paris in one of our five specialties: 

·       Public works

·       Building

·       Mechanical and electrical engineering

·       Topography

·       Sustainable construction energy engineering 

This process is part of the continuing education reform: you may use your personal training account (CPF) for support.


VAE is a process recognised by the French Labour Code. This process recognises professional and non-professional experience in order to grant a diploma, title or professional qualification certificate.

VAE is a right open to all individuals who are able to prove continuous or non-continuous, full time or part time, salaried, non-salaries or volunteer professional experience in direct relation with the content of the diploma in question.


Advantages of the process 

·       Personalised support from A to Z with personalised mentoring from professionals

·       Methodological assistance with the creation of a portfolio of acquired knowledge and the drafting of a technical essay

·       Methodological workshops offered at Université Paris 8

·       Help with preparing for VAE interviews with the technical essay jury and the VAE jury

·       Flexible preparation

·       Access to the network of ESTP Paris alumni.


VAE is a process divided into 3 main phases:

Process preparation: 7 to 10 months
-    Feasibility: receipt of application, motivation interview, advice and guidance
-    Admissibility: completion of application (booklet 1), in-depth analysis of the applicant’s pathway and self-assessment
-    Preparation interview for the admissibility jury,
-    Advice on additional training to improve skills
-    Submission of the admissibility cerfa form

Support with the process: 22 months
-    Appointment of a tutor and organisation of the tutorship
-    Drafting of a list of skills and knowledge to be acquired based on the frame of reference
-    Methodological workshops to prepare the applicant for the redaction of a portfolio of acquired skills (description of initial and continuing education courses, professional and personal experience, experience abroad, etc.)
-    Assistance with drafting the technical essay detailing the applicant’s skills in the targeted specialty
-    Assessment of soft skills by specialised consultants
-    Preparation of defence

Validation: 2 months
-    Defence of a technical essay
-    Presentation of the applicant’s portfolio of acquired knowledge before the VAE jury
-    Presentation of the application file approved by the VAE jury before the ESTP Paris diploma jury



In 2022, the price is broken down as follows:

·       €100: application fees (non-refundable) by cheque to: ESTP Paris - AS

·       €7,500 (exempt of VAT): cost of the VAE process

The following may be added to this amount:

·       The price of any recommended additional courses. A precise evaluation of the total cost of the VAE process will be provided after an interview and in-depth examination of the pre-application file.

·       The taking of an English test (TOEIC or TOEFL for example) and any refresher courses


Applications are closed for this year. VAE applications will reopen in January 2022.

Timeframe for access to the course: the minimum waiting time to access the course between the sending of your application and the admissibility jury is 7 months.

For more information, please contact:

Communications department
Tel | 01 75 77 86 08