14 Third Year options

14 Third Year options

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Become a BIM Manager and master the BIM fundamentals at every stage of a project: design, monitoring, enhancement, interactions with stakeholders, and integration of data from different disciplines throughout the project lifecycle.

Constructability and Project Culture

Align design and production at every stage of a construction project to pre-empt implementation problems based on construction choices and to deliver the best quality result.

Construction 4.0 (in Troyes)

Develop the skills to manage and lead the digital aspects of construction relating to site organisation, organisation of decision-making, and the building lifecycle.

Civil Engineering of Complex and Nuclear Structures

A gold-standard course delivered entirely in English. 

This course focuses on civil engineering aspects of nuclear power plants, high-risk installations, and buildings subjected to stresses, from design and construction through to decommissioning.

This option equips graduates for an international career or doctoral studies. 

Engineering and Energy Efficiency

Become a business engineer or project manager in the various electrical energy sectors (renewable energies, electrical and telecommunications networks, electrical installations, energy management in buildings, etc.).

Engineering in an International Context

Gain an awareness of the issues involved in initiating building and public works projects and the international legislation associated with them. An approach focusing on strategic and commercial aspects and on construction projects carried out by companies operating in the international arena


Develop an innovation and entrepreneurial culture and acquire the tools required to build or take on a business or startup.

Landscape and Real Estate Planning

Design and implement a landscape or real estate planning project in rural and urban areas.

> Only available in the Topography speciality

Real Estate Development

Familiarise yourself with the real estate market and the development of real estate projects (urban development and pre-design), factoring in sustainable development.

Roads and Civil Engineering Structures

Master issues relating to evolving materials, sustainable development with an LCA (Lifecycle Analysis) approach, and innovations in road construction more generally, which allow companies to stand out in projects


Equips students to work in design office environments (in industry, as a project manager or in a project owner assistant role), with an understanding of design and dimensioning of various structures (building, civil engineering, major civil engineering structures), from construction materials, Eurocodes and software, through to completed elements.

Sustainable Buildings and Cities

Acquire the core skills relating to a sustainable development approach within the framework of a regional or urban planning project, from pre-design through to operation.

Underground Infrastructures and Works

Become an expert in underground infrastructures and works both in the technical domain and in overall design approach, from specification through to construction.

● Urbanisme Durable et Décarboné - U2D (à Dijon)

Dans un monde en pleine transformation, élargir ses apprentissages à l'échelle de la ville dans une approche pluridisciplinaire (solutions bas carbone, bon usage du numérique, mise en oeuvre de biomatériaux, …) vous donnera une vision généraliste et visera des fonctions stratégiques de construction durable et décarbonée.

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